katie   •   May 5,2018

Beginning her career with breakout roles on hit TV shows such as The Mentalist and United States of Tara, Jade Pettyjohn is one of the names you need to remember this year. Known primarily for her role as Summer on School of Rock, Jade has already been in the industry for a decade, working on everything from a hit Nickelodeon show to an upcoming crime Thriller alongside Nicole Kidman. Having just wrapped up some major films, Jade still manages to stay true to herself, grounded and motivated. We sat down with Jade at the Kimpton Everly hotel to talk about her new roles in upcoming shows and films, her struggles and successes in the entertainment industry and what self-care means to her.

Taylor Magazine: Tell me a bit about you and what you’re up to at the moment?

Jade Pettyjohn: I’m an actress and a musician. These past couple of years have been one hell of a ride! It’s been lots of fun – I’ve just wrapped School of Rock as a series and I just did a film with Laura Dern. Thankfully, I got another job straight after and did Destroyer with Nicole Kidman. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been able to meet some amazing people doing what I love.

Taylor Magazine: How did you get started with acting?

Jade Pettyjohn: When I was around four, I realised what actors did. I grew up in a house of artists – my mum was a photographer, my dad was a musician, my grandmother danced on Broadway so I guess it’s in my blood! I naturally just gravitated to the arts. I realised that actors were the people that played make-believe and I thought it was amazing that you could do that as a job. I told my parents everyday that I was going to be an actress and needed an agent when I was five. They didn’t want me to be an actress at first because I was really shy but I started doing little exercises to work on that and became an actress aged seven!


katie   •   December 12,2016

Jade is featured in issue 11 of Hooligans Magazine! I’ve added digital scans to the gallery.

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katie   •   October 10,2016

Jade is one of two cover stars for the October/November of Cliche Magazine! I’ve added digital scans to the gallery along with photos from the shoot. Check them out in the gallery now and check out the full issue on clichedigitalmag.com!

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