katie   •   March 3,2018

Hi Jade fans! In the next few weeks, some changes will be coming to the site. Not only will the site have a new layout, but a new name as well. When I started building this site back in 2013, I was trying to come up with a name for the site. I was thinking about Jade and trying to decide what would work for both her and the site. The word simply came to mind. She’s simply herself. While that hasn’t changed, I decided that I wanted something different for the site. So after some thought and a poll on Instagram, the site will be changing its name to Jade Pettyjohn Online. Be on the lookout for the new layout and be sure to follow us on Instagram to help choose other new elements for the site!


katie   •   May 5,2016

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook for quick updates about the site. I will probably no longer be using the accounts I made previously, as it will be easier just to have one account. Thank you!!

katie   •   April 4,2016

Thanks to Child Starlets, I’ve added screencaps from episode five of School of Rock to the gallery.

ChildStarlets_SimplyJade_S01E05_ (1) ChildStarlets_SimplyJade_S01E05_ (13) ChildStarlets_SimplyJade_S01E05_ (22) ChildStarlets_SimplyJade_S01E05_ (35)
FANSITE OWNERS: If you have sent an email about being an affiliate in the last few months, please resend it. I realized that the contact form had not been updated with the correct email. Thank you!!

katie   •   October 10,2015

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Simply Jade. As you can see, the site got a complete makeover and is now online through WordPress. Thanks to the amazing Yukiko, we have a stunning new layout for both the site and the gallery. There are still some pages that aren’t completely finished, but those will be done soon. This layout features gorgeous photos from Jade’s shoot for LVLten Magazine.

Speaking of LVLten , thanks to my friend Antonia, I’ve added 5 outtakes from the shoot the the gallery. This shoot is absolutely stunning, and I’m in love with every photo. Check out the new photos in the gallery now!

2015-06-05_111 2015-06-05_323 2015-06-05_409 lm01