katie   •   November 11,2015


Philippe Dauman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Viacom, today, Thursday 12th November 2015, announced and confirmed the exciting news during Viacom’s Q4 2015 earnings call that Nickelodeon USA will start to premiere and show Nickelodeon Productions and Paramount Television’s brand-new live-action, musical-comedy series “School of Rock” from early 2016!

katie   •   November 11,2015

Today is Jade’s birthday and she turned 15! Happy Birthday Jade. We hope you had an amazing day!!


katie   •   October 10,2015

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Simply Jade. As you can see, the site got a complete makeover and is now online through WordPress. Thanks to the amazing Yukiko, we have a stunning new layout for both the site and the gallery. There are still some pages that aren’t completely finished, but those will be done soon. This layout features gorgeous photos from Jade’s shoot for LVLten Magazine.

Speaking of LVLten , thanks to my friend Antonia, I’ve added 5 outtakes from the shoot the the gallery. This shoot is absolutely stunning, and I’m in love with every photo. Check out the new photos in the gallery now!

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katie   •   September 9,2015

Today’s the day!! Jade’s issue of LVLten Magazine was released. I absolutely love the photos from this shoot. Did you know that Jade auditioned for the role of Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games? You can read her interview now by getting your copy of the magazine on their website now! I’ve added five gorgeous photos from the shoot to the gallery. Check them out by clicking the thumbnails below!


I’ve also added 9 photos from Jade’s shoot with Dana Patrick. I loved these photos so much, that I made a new layout for the gallery! Let me know which photo is your favorite in the chatbox.


To wrap this update up, last week Jade uploaded a new cover to her YouTube channel! This time, she covered Bang Bang by Christina Perri. I just love this cover, and can’t wait to see more!

katie   •   July 7,2015

Whew! I’ve been so busy, but now I finally have time to sit down and get this update done. Let’s get started! Back in March, Jade got to attend Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards with her School of Rock cast mates. Jade looked awesome in a blue dress and some pretty cool jewelry. Sadly, we only have a couple photos, but we do have a few interviews! Then, a couple weeks ago, she got to attend Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Sport Awards with her cast mates. We have a few more photos from this event, and I just love them!

Recently, Jade did a photoshoot for Lvlten Magazine, and I’ve added some behind the scenes photos from the shoot to the gallery. Keep your eyes open for the issue to be released! I’ve also added a few new headshots to the gallery, along with some other missing photos. Have a great day, and enjoy the last of your summer!

katie   •   November 11,2014

The day finally arrived! Last night, Jade’s episode of Henry Danger aired on Nick! Jade played a girl named Chloe, who is friends with the main character Henry. The two go on a date, and things get very interesting. I loved the episode, and I loved Jade’s facial expressions. Great job Jade!! If you missed it, the full episode is on the Nick website, but I uploaded Jade’s clips to YouTube and you can check them out now. I’ve also added 200 screencaps to the gallery. Sadly, they aren’t that great, but I’ll add better ones if I can. Check it all out below!

katie   •   November 11,2014

I have exciting news for you all today. A little while back, Jade booked a new movie! The film is called Girl Flu, and sadly that’s all the information we have on it right now. Filming recently started, and thanks to the films official Instagram, we have a photo of Jade on set! Be sure to give them a follow for updates on the project. Congrats Jade!



Onto Henry Danger news. Jade’s episode is set to air next Saturday, November 22nd, on Nickelodeon! We have a brief synopsis of the episode thanks to IMDb.


Henry is exposed to a strange device in the Man Cave which causes problems on a date.

I personally am super excited to watch, and have it set to record! Be sure to check your local listings to find out when it airs. As a final note, to anyone with Netflix both McKenna Shoots For The Stars and Dakota’s Summer are both available to stream! Be sure to go check them out.

katie   •   September 9,2014

Happy Friday!! As you may know, Jade attended the Olympic Gymnastic Trials way back in June of 2012 to promote her American Girl film “Mckenna Shoots for the Stars“. Today, I’ve added 10 photos from the event that were previously tagged to the gallery! Jade got to sign autographs with Olympic Champion Carly Patterson and talk to fans about the film. The photos are low quality, but are still absolutely adorable! Check out the photos in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below!

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