katie   •   Jul 2,2016
Film   /   New Project   /   Rufus-2

According to Jade’s IMDb page, she booked a new project. The film is called Rufus-2 and is currently in pre-production and is set to be released next February! The film also stars fellow Nick stars Jace Norman and Haley Tju. As of now, we don’t have any other information on the film but I will update everyone once more information is released.

katie   •   Jun 17,2016

Last weekend Jade’s SOR co-star Breanna Yde had her 13th birthday party! The whole cast attended and it looks like they had a blast. I’ve added 44 photos from Breanna’s party to the gallery. Check them out below!

Breanna Yde's 13th Birthday Party Breanna Yde's 13th Birthday Party Breanna Yde's 13th Birthday Party Breanna Yde's 13th Birthday Party

katie   •   Jun 11,2016

Jade is currently the cover star for the June issue of Ouch! Magazine! The photos used in the spread are some of my favorites for sure. Check out the transcript of the interview below and get your own copy here!

At 15-years-old your family must be so proud of your already young fame. How did you get started in entertainment?

Thank you! And yes, my parents are very supportive. I’ve been acting for about eight years now, and it started off with me wanting to have some fun, and the more I did it, the more I fell in love with the art form.

What’s the best thing about being an actress? Who is your favorite actress or actor?

My absolute favorite thing about being an actress is creating characters and telling stories that in some way make an impact. I love going to the movies and watching actors and actresses like Brie Larson or Leonardo DiCaprio, and leaving the movies feeling something…you know what I mean?

Who do you admire and get inspired by?

Emma Stone and Brie Larson are two women I admire so much! They are beautiful artists, but I think I get inspired most by people in general. So, human beings inspire me!


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katie   •   Jun 7,2016

Last night, Jade along with with her Girl Flu cast mates premiered the film at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival! I’ve added 14 photos from the evening and will add anymore that pop up along with an video that gets uploaded. Huge congrats to the entire cast and crew!

2016 Los Angeles Film Festival - "Girl Flu." Premiere 538502604 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival - "Girl Flu." Premiere 538519946

katie   •   May 14,2016


For Jade Pettyjohn, this has become a dream come true. Taking the helm for her character Summer, played by Miranda Cosgrove in the original film, School of Rock has meant so much to her and she looks back on every aspect of the process so far with such fondness and joy.

“I did about five to seven auditions,” Jade admits as she remembers the process to landing the role of Summer. Although some actors look back on this time with pure exhaustion, the excitement is true for her through every step. “It was crazy but it was actually a really good, fun process! You get to meet all the actors who are going up against everyone so we’re all doing chemistry reads with each other.”

In fact, Jade recalls meeting more than just the other actors. “We get to see all of the Nickelodeon and Paramount executives and directors who are going to work with us,” says Jade, grateful for the opportunity to speak with so many people involved with the series. “It was crazy. It was a long process for sure but in the end, it worked out.”


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katie   •   May 8,2016

Earlier tonight, Jade attended the City Year Los Angeles Spring Break Event in Los Angeles hosted by Octavia Spencer! I’ve added four photos of Jade from the event to the gallery. Unfortunately, two of them are tagged, but hopefully more images will pop up soon! Also, who caught the new episode of School of Rock tonight? Let me know what you thought on Twitter!

City Year Los Angeles Spring Break Event City Year Los Angeles Spring Break Event 5674731DM 5674731DN

katie   •   May 5,2016

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook for quick updates about the site. I will probably no longer be using the accounts I made previously, as it will be easier just to have one account. Thank you!!

katie   •   Apr 30,2016
Video   /   YouTube

Jade uploaded a new cover to her YouTube channel today and I’m in love with the song. Check it out below!

katie   •   Apr 27,2016
Film   /   Gallery Update   /   Girl Flu

Exciting news! Jade’s independent film Girl Flu is set to premiere this June at the Los Angeles Film Festival! The films premiere will take place on June 6th and tickets will be available to purchase on May 10th. I’ve added the films poster to the gallery which you can check out now! Here’s a brief synopsis of the film! Tickets will be available to purchase on the film festivals website.  http://www.filmindependent.org/

Bird is mature for her age, a thoughtful sixth grader who dreams of doing the grocery shopping so that all food groups are represented, but whose emotional wisdom starts to slip when her body begins to develop. After her first period arrives in an embarrassingly public way, Bird turns to her single mother for guidance; however, her mom is a flighty stoner who finds this milestone just as befuddling as her young daughter. Already frustrated by their recent move to Echo Park from the Valley, Bird wishes everything would start making sense again.

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katie   •   Apr 17,2016

Thanks to Child Starlets, I’ve added screencaps from episode five of School of Rock to the gallery.

ChildStarlets_SimplyJade_S01E05_ (1) ChildStarlets_SimplyJade_S01E05_ (13) ChildStarlets_SimplyJade_S01E05_ (22) ChildStarlets_SimplyJade_S01E05_ (35)
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