katie   •   Mar 22,2016

Thanks to ChildStarlets.com I’ve added screencaps of Jade from episode two of School of Rock. I absolutely loved this episode. It was full of laughs, and Jade got to show off some stunt work! 😉 Check out the screencaps in the gallery now and the full episode on Nick’s official website.

ChildStarlets_SimplyJade_S01E02_ (13) ChildStarlets_SimplyJade_S01E02_ (22) ChildStarlets_SimplyJade_S01E02_ (35) ChildStarlets_SimplyJade_S01E02_ (65)

katie   •   Mar 22,2016

Jade recently did an interview with RCN America DC. In the interview she talked about her start in the industry, School of Rock, and more!

When did you start acting?

I started acting when I was seven years old, however, when I was around four years old I figured out that actors are the ones who play make believe for a living. That sealed the deal for me, and I knew I wanted to act.

Was it your dream to be an actor?

Yes and that dream is still there! I’m in love with the art form. Everyday I find new things to love about it, and new things to learn from and challenge me.

Are there challenges pursuing a acting career and being a normal young lady?

Of course in any career one decides to pursue, there will be challenges. I think the key is just balancing everything, which is working for me so far.


I’ve added two new photos featured in the interview to the gallery as well. I absolutely adore them. Go check them out now!

i-BV6c6Xp-X2 i-ng4QCQf-X3 nophoto nophoto
I’m working on getting caps from episode two of School of Rock added to the gallery, so be on the lookout for those! If you missed the episode, you can check it out now on the official website!

katie   •   Mar 17,2016

Nickelodeon released a trailer for the next episode of School of Rock. The episode is called “You Can’t Always Get What You Want“.

When Summer asks Tomika for help to become the lead singer, Tomika must choose between helping her friend or going for the role of lead singer herself.

The cast got to work with a super cool guest star in this episode. Check it out in the trailer below!

katie   •   Mar 14,2016

This last weekend, the very first episode of School of Rock premiered! The episode was called “Come Together” and we got to meet Summer and the rest of the gang. I absolutely loved the episode and Jade totally rocked it! If you missed it, you can watch the episode on the Nick website! I’ve added over 300 screencaps from the episode to the gallery, so be sure to check those out.

Dewey, a down-on-his-luck musician, poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school and uniquely inspires his overachieving students to take a risk and create a secret rock band.

SimplyJade_SOR_S01E01_ (6) SimplyJade_SOR_S01E01_ (49) SimplyJade_SOR_S01E01_ (106) SimplyJade_SOR_S01E01_ (277)
Be sure to tune in next week for an all new episode!

katie   •   Mar 13,2016

Tonight is the 2016 Kids Choice Awards and just like last year, Jade is in attendance! I’ve added 9 HQ photos from the show to the gallery, and I’ll add more as they appear. Don’t forget that School of Rock premieres right after the show! We can’t wait!

KCA16 (5) KCA16 (8) Nickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Awards - Red Carpet KCA16 (1)

katie   •   Mar 11,2016

Yesterday, Jade and the cast of School of Rock attended the Kids Choice Awards Press Junket! Thanks to Alexis Joy VIP Access, we have two photos and an interview from the day! One of the questions the cast was asked is if they could send a message to all their fans, what would it be. I absolutely LOVED Jade’s answer.

“Being kind, intelligent, and humble is so much more important than how you look.”

Well said Jade! Check out the full interview and the photos below. Don’t forget to tune in to the season premiere TOMORROW night!!


CdNlxHVUYAA5WKg CdNlxHwUsAAgw45 nophoto nophoto

katie   •   Mar 10,2016

CelebSecrets4U uploaded a new interview with the cast of School of Rock! Jade and the cast talk about the show, their characters, Tony Cavalero, and more! Only two days left till the show premires. Don’t forget to tune in!

katie   •   Mar 6,2016

Exciting news! In case you haven’t already heard, School of Rock is set to premiere on March 12th!! The first episode is called “Come Together” and will air after the Kids Choice Awards. The show is set to air on Saturdays at 8:30 PM on Nick. Thanks to Just Jared Jr. we have a clip from the first episode!

There’s also a new music video on the official website! This time, watch the cast perform “What I Like About You” by The Romantics. Check it out by clicking the thumbnail below. This might be my favorite so far!


And finally, I’ve added 8 photos from the promotional photoshoot to the gallery! These are in gorgeous HQ and are so much fun.

katie   •   Feb 13,2016

Exciting news! Nickelodeon launched the official site for School of Rock. On the site, they released the first clip from the show called “Making the Band“. You can check that out here. The site also features a mini bio about Summer, where we get to learn more about her!

An overachiever with perfect attendance, schoolwork comes easy to Summer. Too bad you can’t learn rock & roll from a text book! Always prepared every possible scenario, Summer relies on her bestie Tomika to keep her grounded. But if she wants to really rock, she’ll have to learn to take some risks!

I’ve added the promotional photos along with screencaps from the clip to the gallery. The most exciting news is that Nick announced that the show will premiere next month! I’m so excited!

character-about-web-summer character-web-desktop-summer  SimplyJade_SOF_MakingTheBand_ (3) SimplyJade_SOF_MakingTheBand_ (8)

katie   •   Feb 2,2016

Jade and her School of Rock cast mates got to film two super fun music videos! The cast covered ‘Lips are Movin’‘ by Meghan Trainor and ‘Shut Up and Dance‘ by WALK THE MOON. Check out the videos below and check back soon for more School of Rock news!